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  • What does Ozzie Cozzie offer?
    Ozzie Cozzie is the largest stockist of swim & resort wear in Hong Kong and are specialists in the field. With offerings in a wide variety of the best brands in a full range of sizes, it is possible to find suitable swimwear in HK all year round, as it's always sunny somewhere! Not simply selling swimwear, Ozzie Cozzie offer their professional service, and expertise, gathered over many years of working with a broad variety of customers. Finding confidence when wearing a bathing suit is not always easy, and most people will tell you they hate trying on swimwear. At Ozzie Cozzie this is understood! Call us at 852 2810 1356 or email us to for a consultation where we will analyze your figure, your likes and dislikes and find the prefect fit for you.
  • Do you sell Online?
    At this stage, online shopping is only limited for Kids, Mens & Lady's Beachwear & accessories. But we DO NOT have online store for lady's swimwear, as we truly believe swimwear needs to be tried on. However we regularly consult & advise clients through email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and can send purchases in HK or overseas. You can go to our ALL PRODUCT page and get a better idea about the latest collection. Please be aware that it doesn't cover our whole range, and some of the styles might not be available in the size you are looking for. Finding the right swimwear for your body shape and coloring can be a big challenge. Often we are misled by amazing advertised pictures and expect the same effect when it's on our own body. Also the size varies from each different brand, or even the same brand but different cuts. That's why the percentage of returns for swimwear purchased online, is astoundingly high. We always encourage people to find time, pay a visit to our store, and try on the pieces we specially pick according to each individuals color, size, body shape etc... Special orders can be placed for customers, to ensure they get the perfect swimsuit that suits!
  • How to care for your swimwear?
    It's very frustrating when your beloved swimwear didn't last as long as you expected, either stained or faded, or the elastic is gone, therefore out of shape, it is because all the chlorine, suncream, and exposure to sunlight can be damaging to your swimwear and shorten the life of it. Therefore, to ensure your siwmwear last a reasonable amount of time, you must take proper care of it by following the Do or Do Not list as below. -Rinse Immediately When you finish your day by the pool or at beach, pop your bikini or swimsuit straight into the sink or bath for a rinse in warm water to remove most of the chlorine or saltwater. If you have time, wash it properly but if you don't have the time then just make sure to rinse it out at least and then leave to dry overnight. -Hand Wash Swimwear is delicate so do not put it into washing machine. Always handwash it, if you absolutely have to put it in the washing machine then use a laundry bag to protect it and use a delicates cycle. -Use delicate detergent Once again, don't use harsh detergent because this can damage the fabric. Make sure you use hand wash detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. -Do not stretch or use wringing machines Never wring the water out of swimwear after washing it, or stretch the material too much. Once the elastic fibres are broken, they won't regain their shape. Squeeze out the water gentle by hand or towel pad dry. -Do not Dry in the sun Dring swimwear in the sun will cause the colours to fade, and no one wants their beautiful new richy-coloured bikini to become dull and lacklastre! -Do not tumble dry The high heat of a dryer will damage the elasticity of the fabric and the general look and performance of the material so avoid tumble-drying at all costs. Simply air dry your swimwear on a rack or hang it somwhere out of the sun. Just follow these simple tips and your bikinis & swimwear will last you plenty of summers!
  • Size guide
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