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Britt Schwaabe

I have been a customer of your shop for years and I would like pay you a compliment for your staff. They are so helpful, knowledgeable and nice.It’s rare in HongKong to find a shop that has the whole package and this is to let you know it’s much appreciated :)


Susanne Fanton

Very nice and helpful service. Also kids swimsuits. Large variety.


Paula D

The women in the store are so incredibly helpful! Great place for swimsuits.

Anna Ashley

Awesome place to get a swimsuit in Hong Kong.

Hera Menefee

Excellent service

I always had a hard time to look for swimwear that fits for fuller bust and figure in HK...but going here was such a haven! Besides having absolutely gorgeous swimwears and beach attires, they have the most AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! They recommended and advised on swimwear that would truly flaunt your figure. I walked away with a bag full of swimwear! Thank you for helping me out! Will definitely come back and recommending it to all my friends. 

This shop is truly amazing!!! Shopping for bikinis in Hong Kong has never been an enjoyable, or very successful, pastime for me - until today when I went in to Ozzie Cozzie! Not only do they have one of the best selections of bikinis I have seen in a long time, they have amazing customer service, and really make you feel looked after and valued as a customer, without ever being overbearing. I walked away with four bikinis - which I love - and would go back in a heartbeat! Especially recommend for ladies with larger busts who struggle in HK to find pretty bikinis that fit :)

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